Woof! My name is Wesley. Don't you think that is a cute name for a Westie? I do have other names I answer to. First there is Baby. I don't think I need to explain why. It has caused a little problem though, thinking my name is Baby. My human brought in this tiny human that makes a lot of noise and drinks my most favorite drink, Milk! For some reason they call it Baby.Then I answer to Yipper. I think that started cause I yip a lot. My next name is Chotimoto, shortened to Choti sometime. I don't know where that name came from!

Here is the story of my beginning. At seven months of age I was at a pet store. (Before this my Mommy doesn't know what happened.) Some people bought me and took me home. Later that day they took me to the pound. In the paper work it says because I didn't get along with the other animals. Give me a break! They didn't even give me a day to adjust! Meanwhile, my Good Mommy, was looking for a Westie. In fact, they had already named me. My Mommy gave up getting a Westie because of the cost and they were hard to find. So,they went to the pound and as they were looking at the dogs our eyes met. It was love at first sight. I got to sit on Mommy's lap while the papers were being filled out. I was shaking I was so excited. Then, they left without me and I had this terrible surgery. (I think they call it being neutered, what ever that is.)

Three days later they came back for me and took me home. That was November of 1990 and I have been here ever since. Now I am the King of the house. My humans even give me a birthday party with my own ice cream cake. You see, I LOVE ice cream. For candles we use my beef treats, one for each year. I am always so excited when my Daddy comes home because he gives me a treat. Yummmm. Here, come and take a peak at my party.

I love christmas. I think it is my most favorite time of year.

My humans used to, notice I said USED to, store the wrapping paper out in a shed. Even though it was sealed tight and no evidence of chewing I KNOW mice have been around!! What do I say, I'm a terrier! My Mommy can not wrap presents with that paper cause I go crazy. She even tried wrapping presents on a bed and I jumped up and got it!! Then of course there would be no way they could be put under a tree cause I'd unwrap them all!!! Now that wrapping paper is saved for my presents alone and the meanies put my wrapped presents up on top of the grandfather clock instead of under the tree so I can't get them!!

I love Christmas.There are so many exciting things happening.

Here is a picture my Mommy likes.

I don't know about these humans sometimes. They like to take my picture and do funny things with it. Take this for instance. My Mommy's friend did this.

Then my Mommy decided she could make one too so here is that picture. What is a dog to do?

You know what my most favorite food is? Take a guess. I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream.

Here are some pictures of me.